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Staffing Services

We understand every organization has its Unique Staffing need; ARKEDGE has created staffing solutions to meet all such organizational requirements.

Permanent Staffing
  • Rapid Staffing Solutions
    Rapid Staffing Solutions addresses large requirements from clients, particularly at junior and middle management levels. Such requirements cater to start-up organizations, new project manning, plant expansion, scale up of team sizes and geographical expansion of teams.
    We can mobilize our vast internal resources to process large volume responses, manage selection of required personnel, including the management of administrative details and logistics. We also help you target specific segments of professionals for specialized roles.
  • Turnkey Staffing
    The entire Recruitment Process is taken up as a Turnkey Assignment, whereby we manage the entire logistics i.e. written tests, Organizing Group Discussions, Conduction Technical Tests, and Preliminary Interviews etc. The entire activity from A to Z is taken up as a turnkey project.
  • Executive Search
    Our Executive search division focuses on senior level positions like President, CEO, COO, Managing Director, Vice President, General Manager, Project Directors etc. We also identify candidates in key technology and niche areas, people who are specialists in their chosen field of work.
    Based on the requirement of the client; we map the industry for the companies and the people who would be best suitable for the job. We, then discuss with the client to chart out a list of candidates who would suit their requirements. After which, we hold discussions with the candidates before the company contacts them. Thus, we act like a catalyst throughout, facilitating the recruitment process while also maintaining strict confidentiality.

Temporary Staffing

In an increasingly competitive business world, manpower requirements pose a challenge that requires a careful allocation of resources to overcome. Recruitments come with a host of resource intensive issues such as Sourcing, Appointing, Compensation, Payroll Management, Statutory Compliances, Employee Benefits and Exit Management.

Temporary Staffing, or Temping, is an effective solution to these hassles. It basically defines a 3-way relationship between the Employer, Temping Consultant and Employee. Within this definition, we manage and administer projects on behalf of companies that require personnel for short term contracts of 6 months to a 2 year contract term. We cater to companies involved in major projects and organizations that may be facing increased workload or headcount. We assist such clients by recruiting staff for the project and overseeing the administrative and logistic requirements throughout the agreed term.