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About Arkedge Technologies

UX/UI Development

We combine UX, Visual Design, and Development

User-Centred Design

We design interfaces in perfect synchronization with users, which requires a UX design approach that positions the users in the center.

Iterative Approach

We benefit from prototyping to get early feedback from users in a more iterative way throughout the design process.

Discover + Design + Develop

D3 Service Discover + Design + Develop. To create a digital experience that will shift your business to the next level.


Business requirements define the value proposition of a product. They are the answers to why a new product is requested. As the visualized form of requirements, user interface designs should be also based on business requirements to satisfy the strategic level objectives of creating that product.


"Designing for everybody" is not a feasible and effective strategy in terms of usability. Interfaces of a product are usable if they are good fit for its users. Thus user interface design should be based on the profile of target user groups.


User interfaces are composed not only of functional requirements (tasks) but also of content requirements. Therefore, in parallel to interaction design (based on functional requirements), the information architecture (based on content requirements) should be also designed. The main objective of information architecture design is to identify content requirements, define content categories, and finalize the navigation structures.


Our UX designers then convert interaction designs and information architectures into user interfaces by applying UX design and usability principles and guidelines. They design low-fidelity prototypes by sketching or using prototyping tools. Then our Visual designers convert low-fidelity prototypes into high-fidelity visual designs with the most aesthetic color, metaphor, and font selections.