Centers of Excellence

About Arkedge Technologies

We have structured our business operations into six dedicated practice areas. Each practice area operates as a Center of Excellence (CoE).

Key Differentiators

  • The Application Development CoE is engaged in designing, developing, maintaining, and testing enterprise scale applications using the lat est Microsoft® technologies and standards.
  • The DLM CoE is the combination of processes, strategies and applied technologies to manage and improve the lifecycle of data / information across an enterprise.
  • The Product Engineering CoE is involved in architecting and building .Net driven business solutions right from inception (by using agile development methodology only).
  • The Software testing CoE independent testing services for each practice area along with third party testing services spanning the entire product development life-cycle.
  • The Resourcing (Recruitment) CoE is engaged to provide wide range of Recruitment Services as well as background screening solutions.
  • The Training CoE further extends our services spectrums with highest quality training in all major areas of information technology and management.